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A good place to eat hardly goes unnoticed. Here is just some of the press we have received about our food, atmosphere and service. We are always happy to share our press coverage with all of our fans.

Industry Experts’ Top Restaurant Standby’s of 2016

This year, you could you could find me at the chefs table/bar at Cho77 and Leña. Both South Broadway joints frequently change their menus, but they also have some tried and true plates that consistently deliver. For me, I aways get the octopus ceviche and the pozole with yuca bread at Leña and the red chili pork dumplings and Thai coconut curry at Cho77. Besides that, about one Saturday a month, I have dim sum at Star Kitchen because I always need more dumplings.

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Inside the Denver restaurant Thrillist says has the best wings in Colorado

That’s because they believe a perfect wing comes from slow cooking and unique seasonings before finishing off on the grill, said Alan Berger, general manager at the restaurant.

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Best Chicken Wings In Every State

There, Symensma’s pal/exec chef/co-owner Ryan Gorby was inspired to create a Vietnamese version of everyone’s favorite bar snack based on the fish sauce-doused version that’s typically served in a clay pot. First, it’s a large confit wing (one where the drumstick and wing are connected) that’s transferred to the grill to get a fantastic char flavor before getting that caramel fish sauce. It’s a sweet, savory wing with burnt sugar, caramel, fish sauce, and chili powder all commingled.


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Six Soul-Warming Dumplings To Try In Denver

Cho77 might be the punky kid brother to the well-establish ChoLon, but that doesn’t make it any lesser. Rather Cho77’s ambitious approach to panAsian street food means you’re always going to leave the restaurant feeling like you’ve discovered something new.

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Denver’s 13 Best Neighborhoods For Eating

 This area is home to most of Broadway’s best eats, and when you combine the power of Cho77’s red chili pork dumpling

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2016 Fifth Annual Chef & Brew Review

 Cho 77 chef Ryan Gorby took home the best chef’s bite award.

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Denver Date Night

They are all about comfort food with some amazing Asian flair.

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Eleven Bao Buns You Should Try in Denver

The bao mi buns at Cho77 harmonize all the elements: richness (pork belly), spice (black pepper), heat (sriracha mayo), and crunch (pickles). Each bite strikes this delicate balance and makes you wanna come back for more.

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